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Fathers More Likely to Protect Children

June 8, 2008

Incredibly sad news blazed across the headlines of the New York Times today, 6/8/08; “Brooklyn Couple Face Charges in Death of Boy, 3.” Nymeen Cheathem (30) and Lemar Martin (25) are accused of acting in a manner to injure a child. An unamed official stated that the boy had been sodomized but the facts reported do not directly support this statement. The statement is doubly strange because Mr. Martin is the one who had come running out of the house for help.

Instead, relatives of the woman had filed petitions to become guardian of the boy. Neighbors had seen the mother frequently cursing at the boy, including leaving him out in the cold with only a T-shirt; the mother yelling at the boy to stay there. Neighbors had also seen signs of abuse like bruises on his ankles and cigarrette burns on his body.

Since Ms. Cheatham had four other children in someone else’s custody, at least one other father and even her own family knew this woman was very capable of dishing out fatal doses of DV. By definition, either caretaker could be guilty of sodomy in this situation.

In general, fathers want to protect their children. I don’t believe the father was there.

Mr. Martin was not identified as the father. I don’t know if Mr. Martin was complicit in this fatal domestic violence case. He did one thing right by getting help. But I do know that, had the father been there, he would likely have spoken out more strongly against this vicious woman and this boy would probably be alive today.

In our culture of divorce and single parent homes–like ours–tragedies like this occur because of the divorce and because single parents must live with such a higher burden of stress. Putting fathers back in the lives of their children is the answer.

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Foster Kids are Made, not Born

June 8, 2008

Today, the Deparment of Human Services in Honolulu is quoted in the Honolulu Advertiser. Three of their missing kids have been found. Several more remain missing. The article does not discuss why these kids are in foster care. It does not discuss what kind of care they are receiving from their foster parents. And, it says nothing of their real parents.

Kids get placed in the foster care system for many reasons. Among them, they are hard to handle, so the parent’s give them up. Then there are all the feminist groups claiming that men are abandoning their children in droves, and when the mother can’t handle them either, they go into foster care.

But men don’t abandon children without being forced out of a marriage and a home, denied visitation, and given¬†impossible child care support payments to keep up with. This happens more frequently than the feminists would have you believe. It happens every day across the country, behind the closed doors of your local Family Court.

Maybe these other missing kids just went back to the Dads who love them and will care for them. If so, I hope DHS never finds them.