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Crotch Shot Highlights Woman’s Domestic Abuse

June 24, 2008

Officer Down! A 24 year-old Hawaii woman sends a police officer to the local hospital with a kick to the groin. The police officer was proceeding with an arrest on an allegation of domestic abuse of a family member.

This isn’t just a woman’s vengeful anger. Many women are being taught how to kick men in the groin under the pretense that they are protecting themselves. Too, often, however, these women use their practiced technique of “self-defense” to engage in controlling and abusive behavior over the people with whom they live.

The Honolulu Star Bulletin dryly recounts this story in their Newswatch of 6/23/08. The truth of these events is even much more frightening. Women abusively use fear in their relationships when they threaten to cut-off a man’s penis “just like Lorena Bobbit,” or threaten to castrate a man by demonstrating the pinching action used on pigs, or warn you not to drop the soap in the shower.

I have been victimized by these tactics on too many occasions. Women who do these things are guilty of domestic violence and they should be held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

When a friend’s daughter reports a schoolyard incident among nine-year-old girls who say that the boy “deserved it” when a boy was disabled by a kick to the groin, one wonders why this does not make headline news.

Are we so blind to justice that women of any age can get away with extreme domestic violence? I think so. And, I think that needs to change.