Sheild Laws Protect Democracy

The Star Advertiser reports that Hawaii’s Shield Law has been voted out of committee to be extended for two years through 2013.

Shield laws protect journalists from requirements to disclose sources of unpublished information. The “word on the street” gets a voice.

Currently scheduled to expire in June 2011, the measure, HB 1376 SD71 is an extension of a temporary measure that mirrors permanent measures in “Thirty-six states and the District of Columbia [that] have a permanent shield law,” according to Jeff Portnoy, Esq.. Portnoy says the law is stronger because it protects online bloggers.

Media outlets such as The Associated Press, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, West Hawaii Today, The Garden Island, Hawaii News Now, KITV, Honolulu Civil Beat, Hawaii Business and have submitted testimony in support.

As of 4/21/2011, , “The House Conference Managers recommend to agree to the Senate Amendments. The votes were as follows: 3 Ayes: Representative(s) Keith-Agaran, B. Oshiro, Thielen; Ayes” with no reservations, noes or excused.

Over 1.3 million Hawaiian residents live their lives, paying taxes and expecting the best from our government. There are a few who don’t like these rules. When they get noisy, Hawaii taxpayers shell-out for injustices.

I don’t advocate domestic violence. I have never committed domestic violence. Yet unregistered and badly regulated groups such as certain domestic violence victims advocates have become an industry unto themselves. They exert control over the judiciary and people like me and my children suffer, intolerably, the destruction of our families.

Word on the street is that our Social Services industry is rife with people who are not capable of performing their duties in the “best interests of the children” or of their families. Truth may be that there are a few bad apples spoiling the mead.

This bill is not about defunding necessary human services so badly needed in our State. So many people on the street need these services. This bill is about protecting the word on the street so that our Representatives and Senators, who have been mislead by an organized few, can separate the wheat from the chaff and hear the truth in what we, the people, are saying.


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