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Even Psycho Ex-Wives Admit

August 12, 2011

As more people become aware of family strife exacerbated by family courts looking for easy-way-outs and simple solutions to messy divorces, more people are beginning to accept that the courts don’t know everything and don’t always make the best decisions for the families and the children affected by their actions. There’s more truth to this now than ever, in this internet age where both sides have the opportunity to make their personal lives public. Anthony Morelli is going through just-such a divorce and has chosen to make public the facts that have destroyed his life as is recounted in this article “Bashing your ex in public may be free speech, but is it in your children’s best interests?“.

The interesting thing to note about this divorced couple is the ability of each to accept their responsibility for what happened in their past. Allison Morrelli discussing her alcohol abuse in the article recounts, “I’ve done my own damage, but I’ve owned it, and I’m trying to be a better person for my kids.”

Anthony, describing his own experiences with the divorce, notes “We have been through 3 custody evaluations, 6 false contempt petitions, 3 custody schedules, 1 psych evaluation, 1 false child abuse allegation, 2 false calls to the local sheriff’s office, 4 years of parental alienation, $80,000, 1 break in, 1 case of stalking, 1 restraining order, and we FINALLY have 50/50 custody of their children.”

ThePsychoExWife web page is gone, by court order, but is now replaced by something more important. The right of every individual to decide for themselves what is in the best interests of their children. Morelli’s new web site Save website advocates for free speech in an age where family court judges are making far too many errors on behalf of the “best interests of the children.”

In an age when our family courts can permanently deny visitation between a father and his children based on false allegations, there is a lot at stake for the future of our children. When one parent can deny the love and care of another parent, it is child abuse and it should be recognized as such. No court should have the power to deny visitation based upon demands dictated by only one parent. No court should be above the needs of the family to be reunited.

No court should be able to curb or deny the power of free speech to correct abuses in the court system that was designed to protect, but now is–everyday–destroying the lives of families across the country.

Visit Save website to make a difference. Speak out for free speech. Speak out against the anti-family agenda of people who would tear our country apart, family by family.



August 3, 2011

Complete, absorbing, understanding. In the lay sense, we think of comprehension as understanding something. In the experiential moment–when the existential breaks through to normalcy–comprehension is a moment of fulfillment. That moment may be a flash of a new perceptual value–the AHA!–or an accumulation of experience and knowledge that deepens and broadens our intellectual grasp of a field of knowing–the Zen of it. The accumulation of knowledge is only limited by the limitations we place upon our selves. The human form–the brain, the body–was and is designed to comprehend. Compute prehensile tensions. Realize, Resolve, Comprehend.

A thought offered today for my K&K.