Mango Leaves

Did you ever notice, in the hot, overhead, Hawaiian midday sun, that the leaves on the mango tree shimmer and sway gently in the breeze with a hundred different colors. The darkest are the full, rich greens in the shade of younger, opaque leaves. The ripples on the long slender curves shake with branches holding too closely to recently trimmed and well manicured trunk and limbs, the leaves themselves trembling and changing their angle to the eye, oscillating ten or twenty times every second. The next noticeable color is the fresh green of every new leaf lit up with the passing radiant energy of the sun, not cooking or shriveling like our own delicate haole and human skin, but basking along the outer and top edges of every branch. Occasionally, you see a thrust of light brown just unfurled leaves that haven’t had time to drink up their first rain. All around them, the bright green and shaded leaves appear to be dancing, cheering them on, confident, connected and all reaching for the same goal. Near the top, many leaves, fully grown and reaching further in shoots and bursts, glancingly, reflect nearly all the light of the sun. They actually sparkle with a dazzling, super-white reflection, changing in thousand fleeting moments with wind and movement. A mango tree, planted in Hawaiian soil, wants to grow. It wants to put forth fruit that we can all share and that ensure its survival. So too, our children. Such is my tribute, and my wish today, to the sun, the wind, the rain and the beauty of Hawaii.


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