Behind the Times

This evening, I sat in on an instructional session from the group I have a lot of empathy for their mission. They are trying to teach kids–while in school–to live in a different world than the one they actually live in.

Kids get bullied in school–a truth we have all known since we were kids. Major media networks are telling young women they should not vote and that beautiful women models are not intelligent enough to comment on mass shootings. Whether we talk about Ebola, National Security, Immigration, the middle-east, Obamacare or any of a hundred topics, bullying is a shameful American national passtime. All this exemplified by Gamergate, where young bullies become internet trolls, above and beyond the law and capable of destroying the lives of their targets.

We are poor role models for our kids. Not a day can go by where one gunslinging politician obscures facts fast enough to fool most of the people all the time. Somehow, we expect our kids to do as we say, not as we do. What fools we are.

There is hope for our kids, but we have to do as we say. Life is messy. Conflicts arise, but they can be resolved. The bullies do have the power to ruin our lives. It is up to us to change the paradigm. It may not be too late. But, if you ask our kids, they will tell you that we are behind the times. Seriously, check out Good people trying to catch us up.


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