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Seeds: Bishop Museum: Farm Fair

July 27, 2010

Can you guess what is the relationship between these things? If you came, you didn’t have to wonder. Why is it that planting a seed brings out so much satisfaction, so much fulfillment in our mundane lives, but that being a farmer or self-sufficient producer seems so far out of our grasp? Eight or 80, the knowledge of how to continue life and continue living is more important now than ever. Thank you 4H. Thank you Bishop Museum for hosting this marvelous event! Thanks to the many exhibitors and local Island farms who participated. Thanks for the $1 pineapple and 3 melons for $5.

Update: There will be some Thai Watermelon seeds planted soon!


Relay for Life

July 20, 2010

For four years, I’ve been showing up at Relay for Life, Magic Island, Hawaii. Our sponsoring group, Parents Without Partners, has a 20 year cancer survivor. I know a few survivors and I know more than a few people who have lost loved ones to the changeable and broad category of disease called cancer. What I love about this event is the visible, glowing joy of everyone attending. These survivors, their families and their friends know that living is a prerequisite to loving. The thousands of luminaria lit this weekend are a testament to the boundless love we can share with others. Check out the American Cancer Society page for Relay for Life. Join us next year to not only remember loved ones passed, but to enjoy each other’s company now while we live.

Ukulele Zoo in Honolulu

July 16, 2010

Last night, I met some good friends down at the Zoo for Honolulu’s Wednesday night, summer Ukulele concert series. There were several hundred folks lounging about, chasing children, and listening to Hawaiian style Ukulele music. Behind us was a four-month old; lifting his head, looking this way and that and howling as soon as his mom came into view. Smart kid. Another toddler was running off with car keys in hand. A blackberry pushing mom was 10 feet behind. I puzzled at the precarious nature of our trust in other human beings, even those less than verbal. A two-year-old sleeper crawled out of her four-wheeled nest with a forlorn face, frowning and ready to wail but for her mother’s waiting, comforting arms. Dads jumped in the distance to the beat of 4/4 music echoing through the late afternoon light with preteen tumblers bouncing on their tails. And some graceful Moms were so dignified with their teen daughters two steps behind. To see a generation in a moment is astounding. Gates open at 4.30pm every Wednesday night through August ($3/person). Join concert master Roy Sakuma and a chance to win an Ukulele of your own.

Divorce Terminates a Life Direction

July 13, 2010

I got an email today from a very well enlightened divorce attorney. To be human is to continue. PAS discontinues. Her primary concern, visiting my web site, focused on the information available to divorcing couples regarding their children. She talked briefly about parental alienation, an affliction that has risen to the levels of disease in our culture. Rachel asked me to pass along some additional resources here. Her references extend beyond the vibrancy of cultural memes. PAS is humanity at our worst towards each other. Generations become disaffected and disconnected to our predecessors and ancestors. Celebrate April 25th for our children.

Parenting Connections

July 8, 2010

I ran into a friend/acquaintance today. She’s a mom with a husband who works a lot. As in so many families today, that means the mom does double duty. It’s an economic reality made more imperative in these hard times. Sensible families cope and the children don’t know what life is like with a father. The younger child was sucking on a binky; three and a half years old. The older boy, about 5, was attentive and listening to our brief conversation. I could see the light in his eyes, the interest, and the need to understand. But I could not give him more in such a short time. No sooner would the windows of the SUV roll up than, I expect, the children would vie for the attention of the parent present. Even the theory that it takes a village to raise a child does not work today. With over 40% of children today born into single parent homes, what does work?

A child’s trust

July 7, 2010

Camping North Shore Hawaii is a family event and more. Good friends, good conversation, fun. All our homes were broken in one way or another, yet, the shared happiness does not betray our losses. Our bittersweet contentment has allowed us to enjoy the richness of life in spite of our losses. To have an eight-year-old child collapse in your lap, to share 15-year-old angst/joy/and lack of sleep, to accept a 21-year-old as an adult, these are the benchmarks that keep me in touch with who I am. A dad. A good Dad. I hold onto hope for my children.

Summer in Full Swing

July 2, 2010

With Summer in full swing, I have my own daughter headed for Japan and my GF’s daughter headed to see her Dad on the mainland. The difference? I will probably hear from my GF’s daughter. Being a Dad cannot be taken away. It is. We are. I am a Dad.