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Dads are an American Icon

September 16, 2011

Hardworking dads are an American icon. Yet, comprehensive and reliable information about a father’s positive role in our children’s lives is hard to come by. The reason why it is hard to come by is not because there is a lack of information. It is because there is an information overload from the other side.

What is the “other side”? To answer; The well-funded, anti-father industry. An outgrowth of the anti-domestic violence industry which is heavily biased in favor of women’s victimization and which allows a woman the right of “innocent until proven guilty” but denies the very same right to men. There is a fractal effect upon society that twists the budding sprig of a child’s emotions into a heavily armored offensive weapon. Our children will bring the anti-dad legacy into the future and it will split into two camps with ever diverging thoughts; 1) that Dads are useless and 2) that children need both parents.

Separation and divorce is one of the most understudied, overwhelming, and detrimental cancers on our children in our time. Yet, the phenomena is treated as a bastard child of social irrelevance. The ease with which a mother may terminate a father’s love leads a child to believe that extinction of a parent is much easier than cutting down an old-growth forest or paving over a wetland. In fact, it is just as easy as ordering a happy meal at a drive-thru judicial proceeding.

It is easier (and more financially lucrative) to separate a father from his children than a mother. Guilty without recourse; father’s are being cut out of their children’s lives and being held liable for the damage to society by their absence; an exponential whammy, exploited by the anti-domestic violence industry, yet, defeating their purpose and enabling the exploitation and abuse the industry creates.

But hardworking Dads are not the type to give up easily. When our children are shorted, physically, emotionally, and spiritually from their other parent, we are the first to speak out and point to the injustice in the system as well as the damage occurring to our kids.

Our kids deserve better. The next time you hear about domestic violence, understand that men and women are equally likely to start or finish the incident. When we acknowledge this little bit, we can begin to work on the problem.

Dads (and moms) are icons to preserve in a child’s mind and psyche for their lifetime, for their livelihood, for our future.