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At the speed of our wheels

October 20, 2010

We all travel at the speed of our wheels. Some choose to walk, accepting employment in local venues and sticking with living their entire lives in a small neighborhood. Some choose skateboards with wheels that allow them to move faster with or without crowds along urban areas that are friendly to the wheels of a skateboard. These people have a lot of confidence and I am amazed at their skill. Others, like me, choose the bicycle. It’s not just transportation. It is exercise, sightseeing, and pure enjoyment. A sunrise, a mid-day sun, a sunset, a cloud or rain all bring an element to transportation that–it’s not just there–we have to get through it. Whether dealing with glare, shadows, or the pelting drops of a refreshing rain, these wheels keep on rolling. Every day is new. Every ride is something to look forward to. For those in their personal time/space capsules, commonly referred to as cars, I understand that these modes of transportation are useful, but I wonder at what price. It seems too easy to forget that we are bipedal humanoids.


Marriage Happens

October 14, 2010

When you have family roots that you can trace back to 1648 (at least on my Mom’s side), you tend to know about a lot of people who are related to you. Birthdays, First Communions, Confirmations, Sweet 16’s, the Age of Majorities, College, Life, Graduations, Military Service, Marriages and Families abound. With only 365 days in a year, the calendar fills up pretty fast. The original friending web is our family. Patriarchs who fought bears and matriarchs who guided generations are not so uncommon. This weeks news is about a marriage, perhaps more appropriately, an elopement. Congratulations Angie and Mike! Best wishes on your honeymoon. Once eloping was a necessity to avoid the shackles of an arranged marriage and permit star-struck lovers to find their own bliss. Today, eloping is the freedom of expression for the economical couple giving four thumbs down to the commercial marriage industry. Hooray for marriage. Hooray for love. Perhaps there will soon be another birth announcement?