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Have a Smart-Phone? Read This:

January 28, 2012

If you own a smart phone of any type, you should be aware that it is more like a computer than a phone. And like a computer it can be hacked.

Read this introductory article from the New York Times, “Build Up Your Phone’s Defenses Against Hackers” by Kate Murphy in their Personal Tech Department.


The “Never Give Up” Dad

January 26, 2012

Hard times have hit a lot of people for quite some time. Several of my friends and acquaintances are running out of unemployment benefits and will soon be part of the uncounted unemployed. There’s a lot of noise about class warfare, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone fighting for those of us on the brink of financial ruin.

So, when one hard-working Dad encourages his kids to keep going to school despite being pushed over the edge, it tells a story for the rest of us. This family’s desperate situation came to light only because their daughter, Samantha Garvey, was a semi-finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search. No doubt she’s smart. But, Samantha’s got something else going for her; a family.

As Rebecca Dube of MSNBC writes up the story on TodayMOMS, Samantha’s blessing is a Dad who doesn’t give up hope even after falling on hard times.

The story was a tear-jerker from the initial headlines a week ago that said Samantha was an Intel semifinalist and homeless. When you find out her Mom was disabled, they got kicked out of their home, their dog was taken to the pound and the Dad works 100 hours a week and finds time to help them stick together as a family with encouraging words and hope for a better future; it gets personal.

“Never Give Up.” A homeless Dad’s message of hope is a message that rings true for so many of us in so many ways.

If I could, I would say the same to my kids.