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At What Age

November 30, 2010

At 2 we depend on our parents for a solid family environment. At 5 we reflect, to the world, our parent’s views. Between 8 and 11 we perceive an acute awareness of the world beyond our family. At 13 we sleep a little more. At 14 we discover more. At 16, our lives are fraught with the possibilities of our future. Is this the point that we start to live? Is this the point in time that we become an adult? To know our past helps us understand our future. To say Happy Birthday to my daughter would be premature today though it has been denied me many times before. To ask, “What do you want?,” is not a presumption but a question from a father to his daughter. At what age can you tell me? There’s a time and the time is now and it’s right for us.


Thanksgivings Dressings

November 19, 2010

When served a dish of bland, the spice to match must be grand.
When bitters need preparing, the spice to juxtapose should be sparing.
When the bird comes out dry, juice the gravy with drippings spry.
Turnips, potatoes, corn and poi, bring a dish, talk story, enjoy.

Veteran Connections

November 12, 2010

When you’re a disenfranchised Dad, it means you can’t be a Dad. Dads lose because they get no face time with their kids. Kids lose because they get no face time with their Dads. Kids don’t always have the tools to handle this type of loss. Most times, it’s frustration building. Face it. Most kid’s do have face time with their real Dads. Imagine what the kid feels when his Dad has been driven from her or his life. Disenfranchised Dads often look to any contact with their kids. That court order for annual school photos; precious. But it can’t substitute for an enlightened custodial parent to just put the kids interests first. The best interest of the child is to have contact; meaningful, consistent, and persistent contact, with the child’s other parent. God bless, God help those of us who hear nary a word from our children. God Bless our Veterans.